Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 29, 2012




Munching noodles past midnight,

It’s nearly two o’clock…

He could not sleep so will just write

And ponder, taking stock.

His wife would like to find a dream…

A vision to be tasked,

It’s been a frequent thought for her

 And this week someone asked.

They both had dreams of kids and home,

Alas those dreams are dashed…

It’s been a source of bitterness

Often over years rehashed.

They live in an apartment now,

The children never were…

They probably won’t leave the place

Until they are interred.

The wife wants dreams to replace

Dreams that are lost or died…

Even short and medium goals

In which she can take pride.

For health reasons neither one of them

Would last long overseas…

But something that she could do at home

To minister would please.

She cannot see for embroidery

Or to write a computer blog page…

She wants to be a useful soul,

Instead of being caged.

Her man, he writes, and can get out

To earn a little bread…

If only she found ministry

To occupy her head!


—Jonathan Caswell


  1. Ah this is sad 😦 but beautiful!

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