Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | May 1, 2012




We love those lilacs that come out ev’ry spring…

But we don’t dare go closer if we hear honey bees’ zing,

Their fragrance wafts both near and wide our ‘smellers’ think real nice

And if we had the room for a lilac bush we wouldn’t think twice!

The white lilacs seem sweeter, with a lighter bouquet,

While the purple-colored flowers have… a richer one they say…

Not sure which one is better—depends on your point of view—

The varieties of lilac that I like are two!

So laurel bushes among the rocks make me feel at home

And so do groves of pine trees, in which I’d often roam,

But waiting for the lilac of the Adirondacks or here…

Reminds me of the sweetness in living another year.

My wife’s birth home has lilacs in the yard across the drive

And though we took some cuttings, we’re happy it still thrives,

We enjoy early houses’ lilacs around here…

Reminding her of the bush back home and our precious love so dear!


—Jonathan Caswell

(P.S.—Wrote this to a tune…but don’t know the name of it!)




  1. Lilacs, the weather we have had most bloomed a few weeks ago here and I agree with your words have a bouquet on the kitchen table now! good write

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