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—A scholarly opinion from a poet with a Master of Science in Education degree—


A Bible with certain footnotes

That obscure the meaning devotes

      Itself to words

      Not usually heard,

In modern day, ordinary throats.

I speak of the K.J.V.,

Please don’t be angry with me…

      When “propitiation’s”

      Noted by “expiation”,

Can the ordinary person agree?

Now, according to the Holman Bible**

Propitiation has Man’s survival

      By averting Holy wrath

      That the Most High God hath

In His Justice…showing His Love is viable.

The other part of the concept is so…

Expiation is payment quid pro quo,

       Payment for sin guilt

      Enough made to tilt

The balance away from Man’s having to “go”.

The clincher theologically

Is that Christ did both processes…

      His expiation paid the fine,

      Propitiation–assuaged the line

Of the Father’s Wrath toward us for all time!

So why use such big words for people

For some of whom schooling was feeble…

      Not to say they’re not bright

      Or filled with God’s Light,

But why keep the Pastor as their steeple?

A big part of the Reformation’s fight

Was letting each believer see the Light,

      Experiencing one supposed

      What formerly was closed,

To everyday understanding and sight.

Some churches still behave this way,

Refusing Bible language for “today”…

      Having fellowshipped there too

      Those folks are true-blue,

But the Pastor holds complete sway!

I wish I could make it clear,

For my brothers and sisters I’ll cheer…

      If they only could be

      With holy knowledge be set free,

Unhindered by hierarchical tier!


From another Brother in Christ,

—Jonathan Caswell

**AUTHOR’S NOTE: I had to look it up.  The discussion on propitiation versus expiation was largely taken (put in my own words, poetically) from the Holman Study Bible on…in an article written by a Mr. Donald G. Bloesch.




  1. exceptional work!

    • Thanks. I hope my other Christian friends find it a blessing.

      • sure they will my friend

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