Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2012

When You Care~by rldubour

When You Care

When you care for others it shows in what you do.
It comes from deep within your heart that you will never lose.
Not everyone can feel this way, not everyone can care.
Only special people show that they really want to share.
To make somebody happy, to make that someone smile.
To give with unselfish acts and do it all in style.
This is what I see in you, I see it everyday.
The thoughtfulness you have for others may it never go away.
Even though your quiet and one can never tell.
That you are a special person and you wear it very well.
This is why I am writing this especially for you.
May all your dreams and wishes, may they all come true.
Never stop your caring this is but a gift.
Especially when someone is down, it gives an extra lift.
Now I know that I have said this many times before.
You are my wife, you are my life, I could not ask for more.



  1. RATS! I THOUGHT YOU WERE TALKING TO ME! Today is OUR 24th engagement anniversary and one moth to our 23rd wedding anniversary, June 3rd.

    • good for you!!! don’t see that often, still we got 23 years up on you both! do the math that’s 46!

      • Beautiful Ode—I agree—but we are shooting for 70 (years)…and then renew the lease!

      • was going to wait until she turned 60 and trade her in for two 30’s lol not really mine is a keeper!

  2. Beautiful Ode to Love !!

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