Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | May 7, 2012




On many things, he seemed slow,

His wife thought that she knew so…

      So she organized

      His “piles” which surprised

Him, angry that she had done so.

They fought back and forth for years

To see which system would appear….

      While their digs, to wit,

     Were like tornadoes hit,

‘Twas depressing them both to tears.

Yet one day before they could fight,

The lady suddenly saw a light….

      Doing dishes for him

      Was the role for women,

So all these years he’d been uptight.

So she tried as she’d not done before

And he, in turn, stepped up with chores,

        Now both willingly pitch

        In to scratch a common itch…

One goes to work as the other snores!


—Jonathan Caswell




  1. Thank you much!

  2. In a relationship it should be 50/50 especially if both parties work outside the home.

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