Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2012

OPINION’NATION~My opinion what’s yours? Laziness~by rldubour


My opinion what’s yours?       Laziness


What is wrong with people

That they have become so lazy.

Is it they just don’t care

My vision is getting hazy.


I see especially

My younger generation

They rather someone else

Must think they’re on vacation.


Recently I saw this

In a house I’ve know as spotless

I walked in viewed the miss

The reason was just senseless.


I wonder if she took

Redecorating in college

She took less then a year

To turn spotless into rubbish.


To say it was a shame

will go way beyond all that

maybe was her up bring

a spoiled little brat.


Disgusting was the word

And that might be a little mild.

Images will haunt me

In my mind and will be filed.


What are you thoughts on this

I would really like to know

To keep your home clean and neat

And not just for to show.




    • And…MESSY REBUTTAL #2—A fictionalized “hypothetical”.

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