Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | May 9, 2012

BRAVE AND SURE, by Carl Gooch

Brave and Sure

In my anguish and pain I cry mercy;
I wait knowing my relief soon I will see.
My Lord hears my prayers in Him I trust,
There is a bond of blood between us.

My Lord rules my life for He paid the price;
I live because of my Masters’ sacrifice.
He no longer holds my sins before me,
Because His blood has already set me free.

I dine at the masters’ table; I sit with my King;
A feast set before me, the best of everything.
I follow His word and will and blessings abounds;
His wonders and miracles my mind astounds.

Like a small child He leads me through my trial;
His love surrounds as He teaches all the while.
With a love so great, wanting to give me the best;
He calls me His own son, treasured and blest.

I know I can go to Him with anything anytime;
He is my Source and will be until the end of time.
The shiny things of this world will not distract me;
My strength is in His Spirit that dwells with in me.

I say “For me and my house we will serve the Lord!”
Our lives lived to bring Him glory is never bored.
The journey from start to end is an adventure;
But He will guide your every step brave and sure.

He has equipped you to do His will and tell His story;
So stand firm and speak boldly of His wondrous glory.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 08 May 2012



  1. Thank YOU Carl, enjoyed the work

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