Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | May 10, 2012




I know I’m not a father

And my wife can’t a mother be,

But remember the blessings of having  mother’s love…

We both have special memory.

The state of motherhood under attack

Doesn’t lessen the importance we feel

Toward the women that brought us into this world,

Whatever they chose to reveal.

Two women have raised children a long time,

With no responsible man…

But two men—there’s a conundrum—

Somehow the mothering’s canned.

We heard of surrogate mothers and all,

Some of us adopted have been…

There’s something about a woman nuturing by choice,

That no force on earth can unbend.

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. excellent words to your work would like to add to all MOM’s out there, everyday is Mothers Day!

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