Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | May 11, 2012



(A hypothetical sad story…

Or, What the Village Idiot Must think of Himself.)

The man was a person care taker

Of a loved one…he could not forsake her…

      It started so young

      As the marriage begun,

The rest of life a long-term heart acher.

This man, talented and lonely

Tries to keep himself for her, only…

      With life oft a drag

      He gets lost in a bag

Of some treat to eat, him only.

With a blood sugar high, there’s a buzz,

A dulling of senses because

      Blood sugars bathe the brain

      Temporarily dulling pain,

But feeling bad intensifies through the fuzz.

The feeling thus becomes a vicious cycle,

Eating more when saddened by a trifle…

      Then sugars must come down

      Because to stay around,

Is necessary to her suff’ring stifle.

—J. Caswell


  1. very good!

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