Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | May 13, 2012



Near the back of the house where the dumpster stands

I see a second floor window…

That looks out over the parking lots strands,

With cat ears in the window.

I think there must be a kitty up there

But these ears never move…

The most that I see are just the ears,

There’s not much that I can prove.

A Mom and her daughter live in that place

Overlooking the parking lot…

I’m not so sure it would be right

To knock just to see what they’ve got.

The cat, ceramic or merely asleep,

Or it’s ears have a golden hue…

It could be the lighting that time of the day,

Golden cats would be something new!

The Egyptians had cat idols they plated gold,

Not mere paint for thing so grand…

Suffice to say there’s a kitty up there

Its ears looking over the strand.

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. cute! enjoyed

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