Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | May 17, 2012




Them church folks are surprising

To them that join ’em there

In Church each Sunday morning…

They really seem to care.

They care for each other

In what they say and do,

But if you don’t stick out your hand…

They may not notice you.

A woman I sat next to in church

One fine and sunny morn,

Was praying someone would notice her…

So spiritually she was torn.

I prayed with her and a neighbor spoke

Saying it had been nearly a year,

Before SHE found attention paid

To her to bring her cheer.

Them church folks are, for people, good…

But none mind readers may

Be able to tell when something’s amiss,

If you are reluctant to say.


—Jonathan Caswell




  1. Nice write!

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