Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | May 25, 2012



Memorial Day’s for those who have died

In wars from which they’ve not shied…

      Our families’

      Generational keys

Prove where true courage lies.

My family, since Revolutionary times,

Had combatants on “our” and enemy lines…

      Around the Civil War,

      Two sisters…one bore

Children for the Lee family line.

Both sisters on my Mother’s side,

One North one  South did abide…

      My Dad’s side, too,

      The Caswells  wove through

The thousands of soldiers who died.

In our Revolution, loyalists went north,

To escape Patriots’ sallies forth…

      And in 1812,

      Genealogists could delve

And find family at both retorts.

In two World Wars I don’t know,

I know that our side had to go…

      While others were at war,

      My Dad helped ensure

As a machinist that war material would flow.

Off to Viet Nam several cousins they did drag,

Only one came back in a body bag…

      I didn’t know him well

      But I sure could tell

The family held onto his dog tags.

Among my wife’s close kin

Are military men still in…

      Two in Afghanistan

      Represent her clan,

Prayed daily for to keep up the chin.


  1. Patriotic write, excellent job to you and your roots

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    • Oh boy…a commercial comment. Reminds me of the “old days!” Thank you, Sidney, for commenting.

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