Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | May 31, 2012



The temperature one day

Was hot for a day in late May…

      My car’s insides

      Were fit to be fried,

With the windows rolled up all day.

Drove off in the afternoon

To work near a greasy spoon…

      Took no time to check

      My soda can “tech.”

But put a warm one in the holder for “soon.”

I heard a loud POP, then…BANG,

Hot Moxie* soda outward sprang…

      The can sudd’nly burst

      To the ceiling (the worst),

For minutes more, my ears rang.

It splattered onto the windshield,

And on the “tranny” hump congealed…

      Just one tiny spot

      My white work shirt got,

But survival was what most appealed!

Nearly tore the can apart,

But I didn’t have the heart

      To waste elixir,

      After all that occurred…

So I drank up the remaining part.

—-Jonathan Caswell

*MOXIE is a regional soda with a following in New England, parts of the North East, Florida, Pennsylvania and California—at least that is where most of its fans reside!



  1. no sense in wasting what was left!!! good job

    • No metal shards on the can…thank goodness!

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