Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | June 2, 2012



You know I post other places,

It’s good to observe real faces….

      Catching some delight

      When I wrote it right,

Coaxing someone out of stasis.

A woman last night I saw versed,

Said her man’s soda can also burst…

      ‘Twas amusing to her

      A memory stirred,

Although the mess he made sounded much worse!

Reassuring delivery

Through my E-list is important to me…

      One friend’s newly employed

      And I’m overjoyed

That she’ll send her E-address for me.

Finally got the chance to talk

With a fan who often by me walks…

      With my chief rival gone (!)

      Was able to get on,

To make sure she was properly stocked.

Her eyes held a twinkle each day,

I should have known that was the way…

      In her special light

      Everything was all right,

Radiating her delight in word play.

One cashier friend wasn’t there,

My arrival was too early, I fear…

     Generally one a.m.

      Is when I roll in,

Ten p.m. was too early to see her.

She and I share love for cats

(My fans are mostly women—what’s with that…

      Although husbands, too,

      Single guys, one or two,

Enjoy wordsmithing talent at bats)!

Thus went the latest foray to see

A few fans who like poetry…

      E-mails expressing

      Feelings of certain blessing,

I keep as a comfort to me. 

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. New works and new viewers—thank you for considering us at OUR POETRY CORNER!

  2. woman do love poetry! enjoyed this one

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