Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | June 6, 2012




Does someone remember what happened June sixth,

Someone other than my wife…

Her Dad missed D-day by a day or two

But still had to fight for his life!

Way back in the year nineteen forty-four,

The Allies hit beaches in France…

Struggling ‘mid tank traps, barbed wire and more

To break up the Nazi phalanx.

In Europe they still remember the day,

Respectful for what we went through…

Ironic though is it that we’d forgotten

What our ancestors had to do.

For politicians it’s just a photo “op.”,

Suggesting that they also fought…

As fewer remember that horrible time

So the claims and the lies are not caught.

My wife and I and many families

Remember our parents this day…

Many who served to support the onslaught

Buried in fields far away.


Jonathan Caswell



  1. 10!!!!! this is really a heart felt write, One of my brothers (John) was wounded twice in Normandy.

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