Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | June 8, 2012



(from Hebrews 13:2; Romans 2:13; Isaiah 1:17)

A church I know made plans

To help a woman move…

She came to the church for months,

Did  they think her too uncouth?

She asked for some help

And some folks gave their word…

But then withdrew their help from her,

Just why—I haven’t heard.

She was unusual,

She brought her dog to church…

She had him in a carrier

On the edge of which he’d sometimes perch.

She had a son not healthy

With her man nowhere in sight…

She a widow—her son fatherless—

Does that still make it right?

There are things like personalities,

I know, I’ve met a few…

But swallowing pride deep down inside,

Isn’t that the thing to do?

She sells things for a living

And is living with a woman in town…

Was what she sold make someone bold

To turn her request for help down?

My wife and I met her

Coming out of a place this Thursday…

She said the church wasn’t “love” anymore

And that she would stay away.

Again, I don’t know the story,

Don’t know that I ‘specially care…

All that I know, we refused an “angel”

Who was standing—right—there!

Who sat for months in the church,

Mostly by herself…

Only one or two people took the time

To share her Spiritual wealth.

Was it her tallit* that made her unconventional,

Another “crazy” to be ignored…

Or were we being just too insensitive

To hear what she implored?

A widow and her fatherless, sick needy son

This church just drove away…

It could have been Jesus that we entertained,

Does anyone want to obey?

—J. Caswell

*NOTE*  “TALLIT” is a Jewish prayer shawl, pronounced “TAL-leet”.


  1. sad tale very good write

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