Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | June 9, 2012



An Oriental martial arts movie

Was playing on TV today…

Despite my title the tale was Chinese,

And Jet Li couldn’t save the day.

He was shot an attempted assassin

But given a hero’s grave…

He paid the ultimate price for honor

The kingdom and people to save.

His story was told in triplicate,

With new robe colors around….

Orange, light blue and white robes flowing

As sword fights symbolic abound.

“Our Land”, the words for China,

Became a unification goal…

The king who was spared was prepared

To conquer and make it thus so.

The Great Wall of China remains from his time,

To protect his kind unified…

By magic and honor the deed was done,

Whether or not swordsmen really could fly.

—-Jonathan Caswell


  1. wow really good work!


      • welcome as always

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