Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | June 9, 2012



(Attempt to sing this to…”THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS”)

Washing clothing in th’apartment bathtub,

Not enough quarters to use the machines…

Using wash and rinse-with-sof’ner buckets,

Separating whites from her blue jeans!

Saturday nite laundry at the Caswells…

Makin’ the best of what we have at hand,

Obama says we need more over-spending–

To put more in his cronies’ greedy hands!

Putting towels down to catch the dripping,

Using hangers on the shower rod…

Cannot bathe with all these clothes here drying,

Gonna have to perfume up the “bod.”

Good evening America, how are you…

Don’t want to admit we’re on the Public Dole,

Health insurance premiums are frightful,

But it’s better than being thrown out in the cold!

Living here in Section Eight

Trying to concentrate

To get by with what we really have…

Don’t want to lose this place to rest

Failing economies distress

Us from doing our very best…

Saturday nite* at the laundry.

Bathtub washer/dryer all in one!

Getting ready for  this Sunday morning…

Gonna praise God that we’re still loved by God’s Son!

Next week I’ll go to work again,

To make what passes as living wage…

Health insurance hikes just crashed our raises

Welcome to this upward-paying age!

Goodnight America, how are you…

We’re just fine and barely getting through,

Someday soon we’ll reach the final deadline—

Our children’s kids are gonna love this  too!

—Jonathan Caswell

NOTE:  An opinion… “nite” is normally spelled “night”.


  1. nicely done and how we used to look forward to our golden years!

    • Survival makes the heart grow fonder…I guess!

      • I think so as long as it is both

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