Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 13, 2012

Tears of a clown ~by rldubour

Tears of a clown

Old and tired he lives alone
The world forgot the love he shown.
A tear rolls down his saddened cheek
Once strong willed now getting weak.

Another chapter in his book
What did he write? Let’s take a look!
He wrote of goodness in mankind
And peace on earth within his time.

When love was pure and innocent
In God we trust that’s what it meant.
Our flag flown high we all were proud
Sat back relaxed and watched the clouds.

I closed the book to his surprise
Not looking up he did ask why.
There’s too much good in this book
You will not get a second look.

No one will spend the time to read
They want violence, crime, sex and greed.
The thousand goods that you have done
They’re all forgotten one by one.

You have to have an evil deed
And only one is all you need!
Rename the title as to read
You’ll be remembered guaranteed.

Once a clown his smile now gone
With tears of life and face withdrawn.
I hear him speak, a quiet voice
“Don’t mankind know~~ they have a choice.”


  1. Assalam’mualaikum,,,

    Permit to visit.

    dont cry, you’re not alone. there is a billions human in this sick earth.

    • thank YOU

      • you welcome Sir.
        if you have time, please visit my little home in nunukan, east kalimantan.
        i’ve little family and am sure, you will not feel lonely.


        Acep Aprilyana

      • thank you but I am not lonely have a great family the write was poetry and how I believe people think at times

      • Hehe… I know that Sir.
        We all have great family.

        my invitations to is still on, my door is always open.

      • I thank you very much

  2. One of the better sides of poetic reality checks 🙂
    Thank you for the great experience sir 🙂

    • thank YOU, thank you very much

  3. Excellent write!

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