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Egyptian cartouches abound

Where Pharaohs’ memorials found…

      These nameplates oft are

      Proof of a Pharaoh’s Star,

The places his armies burnt down!

Did Sheshonq “whack” the City of David*,

The evidence is somewhat vapid…

      But 2 Chronicles 12:4

      Explains some more,

The cities around thus invaded.

The cartouches in a grand arch

In Egypt are not idle starch…

      With Bible context

      Accurately reflects,

The conquering Egyptian march.

It is not ever easy to tell

Archaeology fits so well…

      This needs give-and-take

      For an open mind’s sake,

Although scholars sometimes yell!


—Jonathan E. Caswell, M.S.E. (For whatever that is worth!)

AUTHOR’S NOTE***”THE CITY OF DAVID”  is often used to describe the city of Jerusalem.  It’s use in this poem is by the author’s choice.

The article in the BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY REVIEW referenced for this poem is in the July/August 2012 issue, entitled “Did Pharaoh Sheshonq Attack Jerusalem”, beginning on page 42 of that issue.  The article goes on to explain differences in spelling between the Bible account and the Egyptian sources referenced, also comparing the Chronicles account with that (also in the Bible) of  1st kings 14: 25-28…such as the difference in spelling of this Pharaoh’s name (Bible:  Shishak;  Egypt:  Shesonq—see page 45 for a sidebar explaining how this could happen).

Egyptian Pharaohs WERE known to occasionally shade the truth in their conquest claims on celebratory arches! An excellent article in an excellent magazine…should one care to read it.—THE AUTHOR.


  1. very good historical write

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