Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | June 20, 2012



All poetry is viewed as hypothetical,

To suggest otherwise would be heretical…

‘Though some toe the line

Pretty closely o’er time,

We write by a code most ethical.


It can be a matter of “who with”

To share the work of your gift…

Avoid certain kinds

Reading between lines,

Making assumptions about who’s the “sith”.


Mixing fiction with fact is okay,

It is ART, after all, to get away…

From a strict biography

Strive to write it lawyer-free,

One can assume it’s not personal display!


But as I think I’ve written before,

Perchance truth slips in the door…

Then share carefully

With only those you see,

As worth trusting what you implore.

—Jonathan Caswell

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  1. like your style!!

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