Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 21, 2012

Colors Of The Rainbow~by rldubour

Colors Of The Rainbow

How beautiful are the rainbows that adorn the brilliant sky.
Is there a hidden meaning? That we know not why?
The colors of the rainbow that we all can see.
I will try and tell you just what the rainbow means to me.
Green represents majority, grass, trees and leaves.
Much like life itself formed in a womb from just a seed.
Blue represents serenity the water, sky and sea.
Much like at birth the soul is pure as it can be.
Yellow is our laughter the warmth of our sun above.
Much like that smile that you get from someone that you love.
Red is hot with fire the passion in our life.
Much like those burning desires to make everything all right.
Purple is for wisdom, power and authority.
Much like your strength that’s deep within that no one really sees.
Indigo is for silence, reflection and for thought.
Much like inner peace and prayer and lessons that we are taught.
The colors of the rainbow this is what I see.
If we all could hug a rainbow just imagine how things would be.



  1. Hug a rainbow? Excellent poem and thoughts, but hug a RAINBOW?

    • yea!the love of your life that has many colors

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