Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | June 21, 2012



It’s so nice being recognized,

By voice as well as your eyes…

      My YAN’S* ordering

      They know where to bring

When I phone, it is still a surprise.

Local WAL-MART pharmacy folk,

As well as C.V.S, when we spoke…

      Remember you

      And your details too,

With friendly chat often invoked.

Our restaurant sees us coming,

Knowing business will be humming…

       They don’t mind one bit

      ‘Cause they know where we’ll fit,

As we look for our favorites upcoming.

—-Jonathan Caswell

NOTE:  YAN’S CHINESE RESTAURANT is located in Worcester, MA, at 20 Boylston Street.  Delivery phone numbers are 508-852-5077 and/or 508-852-5078…Tell them Jonathan Caswell sent you with his poems!  The WAL-MART we use is in Northbridge, MA, just off Rte. 146…508-234-9196 (Pharmacy).


  1. Nothing like some unelicited and uncompensated praise to help the economy get going! 🙂

  2. yes it is good plugging

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