Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | June 22, 2012




When guys get together sometimes

They unconsciously ring each other’s chimes…

      A ribald remark

      Brings a similar bark,

Both being way out of line.

A thunderstorm sprang up one day,

A bunch of people watched wind sway…

      The rain coming down

      Heavy enough to drown,

Anyone who ran out by the way.

Ladies wondered if it would last an hour,

One guy said…go out and take a shower…

     I almost chimed in

      That I’d help her to swim,

Thank goodness I did nothing but glower.

Or say something about a camera,

How shameful a man’s enamera…

      To speak without thought

      Something that should not,

Be opened to public “examinera”.


—J, Caswell



  1. as usual good stuff!!!

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