Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 1, 2012



Summer showers quick and strong,

Thunder down but don’t last long…

Puddles steam as if was smoke

Shortly after storm was broke.


Wispy faeries slowly rise

Back up to  our clearing skies…

Water cycles round and round,

Pull the excess from the ground.


Biblical truth again is proved

By the faeries as removed…

Winsome time to reflect

Upon God’s creation based on fact.

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. very good!

    • Thank you. Getting better writing in less than ideal conditions. At work I often keep writing when one of my work mates sees I’m writing, keeps on yammering, while I look up occasionally and nod or smile. At home the TV is on. Oh well. A friend says I have a brilliant mind. Let’s let that pass…she was trying to cheer me up and help me make the right health choices.

      • well I have to agree with your friend and I know when things are all around it is hard to concentrate

  2. Thanks for your understanding!

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