Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 2, 2012



An opinion on American Education

Kirk Cameron, star of LEFT BEHIND, the movie ’bout the End,

Made a film called “MEMORIALS”, about the Founders’ intent…

On “Inspiration” Network

It was broadcast last night with Kirk,

Investigating Pilgrims and Christian influence’s end.

Did you know a book was written by two teaching courses,

Two professors who wrote without any primary sources…

Who claimed our founding was godless,

Ignored all evidence regardless

And putting themselves up as authorities, though dark horses?

I remember needing primary sources in class,

So why have these two  professors have received a pass…

Must be “scholarship”

Can give a bird “flip”,

If the counter conclusion seems crass!

No wonder we’re brainless and sinking

In the world’s eyes by “dumbo” thinking…

Educators in schools

Have thrown out rational rules,

For “made up” theories, and the whole process really is stinking!

By-in-large, it’s taken a generation

Or so to replace truth with imagination…

Can’t say I’m very happy

About “learning” this crappy,

But those like-minded folks control our nation.

Can we ever REALLY get it back,

To put American education on track…

Perhaps in private, yes,

But PUBLICLY…I’d guess

Our courts and institutions are too well stacked.

—Jonathan E. Caswell, M.S.E.


  1. 10 stars!!! can not get much closer to the truth brilliant write, I am a strong believer in educating our kids

    • Just depends on whom is teaching them what, in my opinion.

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