Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 3, 2012

American Heroes from Massachusetts~PAUL REVERE (1734-1818)~by rldubour

PAUL REVERE (1734-1818)

Born in December in Boston’s north end
His name forever~~ an American legend.
Son of Deborah and Apollos Rivoire’
Changed to Revere as we know it today.

In seventeen fifty-six he did volunteer
To fight the French at Lake George that year.
A second lieutenant, he showed no fear
In the colonial militia is Paul Revere.

In fifty-seven he married Sarah Orne
Together they saw eight children born.
In seventy-three Sara passed away
Leaving her family, went to her grave.

Soon after he married Rachel Walker
Outgoing, friendly and quite a talker.
Poised and polished, she loved to debate
Much like his first wife, she also had eight.

April eighteen in seventy five
Unknown to Paul would be his famous ride.
That evening a note dispatched to his house
By Dr. Joe Warren told him to rouse.

Instructing to ride to Lexington, Mass.
The British were coming no time to pass.
The aid of two friends he crossed the Charles River
For Adams and Hancock a note to deliver.

He looked to the bell-tower of Christ Church
For a prearranged signal his eyes did search.
Briefly there hung two lanterns aglow
This told Revere what he had to know.

Then borrows a horse from Deacon John Larkin
In Charlestown he starts, his ride would begin.
One if by land and two if by sea
With a kick from his heels was off on his steed.


Three men on horseback were riding that night
The birth of a nation was now in sight.
The two other riders had different routes
This to insure the message got out.

Dr. Sam Prescott and William Dawes
Riding to Lexington for the same cause.
The alarm being sounded everyone knew
The British were coming, they knew what to do

This night was all planned by the “Sons of Liberty
This is how it began, our countries history.
The birth of a nation with help from these three
Prescott, Dawes and Revere~~ American Heroes they be.
Prescott, Dawes andRevere~~ American Heroes they be.


  1. ANOTHER SUPERB WORK! John Batchellor, or NEW ENGLAND CHRONICLES (NECN—?) would like this one!

    • thank YOU my partner you may send to John is you wish I would be honored.

      • Sent the idea…of interviewing you…to N.E CHRONICLE. Got a standard answer back, but may still be hopeful for the future.

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