Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 4, 2012




At my workplace, blue herons and fox,

Appear around the clock…

There’s no telling when

We’ll see one again,

Or the stray cat wearing silky white socks.

In sight of cooling towers,

Wild geese may graze for hours…

Upon the sweet grass

Their droppings they pass

Providing for both grass and flowers.


There’s a big old bass beyond,

In the murky waters of our pond…

Prob’ly more in back

Where the turtles in fact

Commute from that swamp to the pond.

Sparrows, geese and hawks

And pigeons live here in their flocks…

Hawks haven’t returned

‘Cause pigeons have learned,

Awareness protects breeding stocks.

Generally ducks will visit en route

From one ground to another, to recoup…

Spending time near the pond

Before they move on,

Considering this a spa serving great soup!


—Jonathan Caswell






  1. sounds like a place where I would love to be with nature 10 on this one!

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