Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 6, 2012



(Sing to “Pop-Eye The Sailor Man”)

A foodie is upward sent

By a sight that won’t pay the rent…

In fact it will cost

Much more than he’s lost,

And more than he ever has spent.

One can’t eat one cream puff

On  empty and have enough…

One wants to keep eating

And commitment cheating,

With carbohydrates ’til you’re stuffed.

A diabetic’s ice cream,

The real stuff would be a dream…

But get back that taste,

Maybe gobble in haste,

And watch your good health go downstream.

It’s good if you’re not able

To consume much at the table…

If you do the rounds

You’ll stay in bounds,

Preferring a diet stable.

Remember you are not alone,

But have a nice dish at home,

Properly measured

And def’nitely treasured,

It’s safer to eat light at home.

Watching them cook from afar,

It’s wiser to stay where you are…

Expensive, unearned,

Digestive tract burned:

And never get rid of the scar!

—Allegorized by Jonathan Caswell


  1. what no spinach??? love it be singing it all day now

    • Been focusing on the UNHEALTHY STUFF…who wants to think about spinach…really?

      • I love spinach with melted butter , salt and grated cheese

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