Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 6, 2012




My strategy for fighting diabetes

Isn’t quite as grand as Archimedes…

Capitalizing on the way

My brain and body play,

I can trick them into feeling less the greedies.

My doctor says that it would be okay

To up my insulin along the way…

But as my insulin is more

I’ll eat more to restore,

Blood sugar concentrations as I say.

What works for me is keeping levels steady,

And faithful schedule-keeping to be ready…

Less insulin inside

Means less I try to hide

The chips, cheese curls and hand-sized apple betty.

It’s a struggle to stay at lower units,

But if I can I’ll buy me smaller tunics…

That day seems very far

Away—a distant star—

To be less rounded, wearing slimmer crew necks.


—Jonathan Caswell




  1. just make sure your sugar level stays were it is supposed to be, good write

    • Down to 165 this morning…now to keep it that way! Thanks for commenting…Bro!

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