Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 7, 2012

Loneliness~by rldubour


When the music goes it brings the silence like you never heard before.
A deafening sound that fills your heart as you ask, “Just how much more?”
How long can I take the pain this loneliness I feel.
How long can I fake the feeling that happiness is real?
To those I talk to everyday, they have no idea
That loneliness I feel inside is what I mostly fear.
Those days I feel the loneliness this feeling makes me blue.
And makes me think is there someone? That can make my dreams come true?
This is all I ask for, this is my only plea.
To find someone to fill the void this is what I need.
To share my thoughts and all frustrations just to tell someone.
And not to always feel alone and better days to come.
To wake up every morning with a smile on my face.
Just to know that someone cares this feeling you can’t replace.
To go upon my day with joyous thoughts I find.
And end each day just knowing that I’m on someone’s mind.
This is what I ask for, not asking for too much.
Just to know that someone cares and feel their loving touch.

R.L. DuBour


  1. God does his wonders through His people. You hit it on the nose. Awful tough to not “have anybody”, but the Lord. Even having church ladies (all cute, inside and out) willing to trust by giving hugs isn’t always enough. Did I ever relate that once, before meeting Diana, I disrupted church (or a wedding???) by leaving the service, getting as far away as I could and howling—literally–on a stone wall over Proverbs 3: 5-6…and Psalm 20…especially verse 5…”and He will give you the desires of your heart.” They sent the Assistant Pastor out to quiet me down. I stopped “looking” and the Lord answered me…with a pen pal out of the blue (Diana). Assistant Pastor Wiggins was my best man at our wedding. Not that it always works out in that particular fashion…but the Lord does indeed provide for those willing to trust in HIM!

    • thanks for the dialogue, not the same thing but I disrupted a funeral tried to quietly sneak out was at the wrong church


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