Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 9, 2012




I GOOGLED “Jonathan Caswell” to see

What images came up of me…

MSN  had so little

My thumbs went a-twiddle,

But GOOGLE had lots of “J.C.”

Must be because I use “Chrome”

And YAHOO, those are where I’m home…

Found sev’ral of me,

My book and poetry

If anyone wanted my tome.

Of Caswells there are quite a few,

Who take life with artistic view…

A photographer on Word Press

I should look up I quess,

Asking Jonathan what he’s done new.

Christine Caswell of Catholic TV,

Sara and Shanley I see…

Reporters, artists

I’m glad I’ve not missed,

Even if not related to me!

—Jonathan Caswell





  1. not being conceded once in a while it is good to blow your own horn, this write was very good

    • Best of all, I’m really blowing somebody else’s horn…just happened to be named CASWELL…most are not related to me almost definitely. I’m egocentric enough, thank you. Conceit isn’t a part of this. “Jonathan Caswell”, the photographer on Word Press, apparently hasn’t posted anything here since 2009…? I have seen his work elsewhere…’tain’t mine!

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