Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 9, 2012




A new cleaning girl, Monika,

Came with her boss today to “seek-ah”…

A position here

To clean this year,

A prospect that’s hardly “unique-ah”.

This one seems as cute as the rest,

And watching is what we do best…

To leave them be

Is essentially,

To keep male behavior suppressed.

A former boss let the girls pass

Between gauntlets of glass…

The men on each side

Would stand there wide-eyed,

While knowing they weren’t allowed to make a pass!

It’s just as well for us old farts,

To concentrate on visual arts…

The visions are there

For all to share,

But nobody better touch any hearts.

The language barrier seals

Any hope of  under-the-radar deals…

Claiming little comprehension

Or English retention,

The girls keep any suitors on their heels.


—Jonathan Caswell







  1. we are not dead nothing wrong with looking good work

    • Did I say I was dead? Though I sure feel like it some days! Ah, the mind is very active but the rest of me has to behave itself. Thanks for the thumbs up.

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