Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 10, 2012



I had me a dream last night,

I sure wish it was true…

That we were in the heat of youth

And me in love with you.

Between us we were hot and strong

With no joint aches to bug…

Our honeymoon suite had a heart-shaped tub,

And a ceiling of a shag rug!

We paid too much for our first love nest,

For the price, it was half-closed…

Could have done far better in the Holiday Inn*

But it was what we chose.

From a distance the planning def’nitely flawed,

Yet we made out okay…

We made the best of what was there

And we still take life that way.

—Jonathan Caswell

***Holiday Inn was a national chain of hotel/motels that may still exist somewhere!


  1. sentimental write!! good one

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