Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 10, 2012



This is not a catalog of things for you to do,

But more a list of practices that’ll make you go “EEEYYUUU!”

They are all things that folks have done

Believe me, folks who do these things

Aren’t having any fun.

Some pull their hair out in handfuls,

Until they’re nearly bald…

Or chew and bite their fingernails

And wash hands ’til they’re raw…

And then there are those rubbing skin

Until the blood comes through,

When one is nervous deep within

There’s a lot that may show through!

Some people have just a little edge,

Picking cuticles is popular stuff…

And don’t forget the chewing of lips

As long as the going is rough.

I’m sure there are more

Too gross to mention here…

Please get the help if needed soon.

And this catalog don’t revere!

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. very nicely done!!!

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