Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 11, 2012



A friend of mine was raging

That  an internet search engine kept

A record of subjects of interest

To tailor one’s searches direct.

I’ve got news for him  brother,

They all do, to some extent…

 To help one find what interests you

Keeping track of one’s general bent.

Conspiracy nuts among us

Believe it’s part of a plan…

To subjugate America

Within their own lifespans.

It’s crazy but perhaps they’ve a point,

That like-minded folks oft control…

We Christians believe Evil exists

A-gunning for everyone’s soul.

All customer service seems suspect

When one looks for reasons to doubt…

Inner anger, insecurity treated

Is what Knowing Christ is about.

Believers may not be perfect,

But we know where our souls will go…

Until then, we know Who we belong to—

Christ will reign at the end of this show.

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. Excellent 10~

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