Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 12, 2012

Shadows on the Wall~by rldubour

Shadows on the Wall

When I am lonely and tired and given my all.

With the lights all dimmed low, it’s hard to recall.

To recall that moment, I felt a chill from the hall.

Then looked up and saw, the shadows on the wall.

The air is much colder, I shiver with chill.

The shadows are moving, not one standing still!

The fear in my blood, I feel it rush to my head.

Will morning I wake up? Or will they find me dead?

They come for my soul, making hideous sounds.

Off from the wall it is I that they surround.

They prod me and pull me, from one side to the next.

Relieving my brain as they make is a text.

My sould has been ripped from my body of flesh.

I look into their eyes and hear their request.


“We have something important, we need to discuss!”

“You will come with us now and be part of us.”

“We are forming a new group called retribution!”

“Like vigilantes we have the solution.”

“We can round up the trash, the pimps and the whores!”

“We can teach all the drug dealers the judges let free.”

“With no place to run, they will pay for all their deeds.”

“And last of all, of interest you’ you’ll find.”

“We have a special treatment for the worst of mankind.”

“The rapist, molesters and murderers on earth.”

“ The gangs, the thieves and whoever’s left with no worth.”

“Our case load is heavy and we’ve just begun.”

“To clean up this earth from all of the scum.”

I nodded my head as I answered their call.

I knew I could do this and give it my all.

I felt a tug on my shoulder, a kiss on my head.

I opened my eyes and realized I’m not dead.

A moment of silence I thought of this dream.

Of all of its content and what did it mean?


  1. Interesting….!

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