Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 12, 2012




A man kept saying wrong things,

His stumbling blocks came in long strings…


And realizing

He needed to settle some things.

He wanted to calm down

As though no one were around…

To look at the sky

Without asking why

And feeling his feet on the ground.

At first he was delighted

At feeling so very excited…

Excitement soon drags

As eyes grow bags,

When proper sleep time’s not requited!

His ardor for life was pumped

So high that energy dumped..

To his bloodstream directly

Not   very circumspectly,

His lack of discretion jumped.

Consider what will bring him in line,

To get needed meds on time…

I’m glad it’s not me

Or I would be

In a shocked state of mind!

I hope he will settle down soon,

No one trusts a man who goes ZOOM!…

Each and every day

In an unususal way,

Who needs commitment to a padded room.


—Jonathan Caswell



  1. Sorry for the occasional changes in tense…but I’m not going to change it…yet.

  2. not a problem still very good

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