Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 13, 2012

The unseen realms ~by rldubour

The unseen realms

A subject I find interesting
I have to sit and write.
I spent some time in looking up,
in fact most of the night.

There must be something to this
it happens quite a lot.
About a loved one dying and the
visions that they got.

A physiological phenomenon
called a pre-death vision.
The dying person can describe
with such great precision.

Hospice Chaplains will all tell
as patients slip away.
A loved one has come for them,
all we can do is pray.

Across the religious spectrum
no matter what belief.
I think of this, it must be real
it helps relieve some grief.

Why would this be a common thing?
In helping to let go?
Perhaps the ones who’ve gone ahead
come back for us to know.

That fear be put aside
and of this life let go.
They’ll be with us, right by our side
To pass in Heavens glow.



  1. Got a winner here!

    • thanks my friend

      • Excellent picture—where’d you get it?

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