Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 15, 2012



Considering the Garden before strife

Entered in’round the Tree of Life…

And of Knowledge,

The human college

Determined animal names as each passed by with drum and fife(!).

When humankind had begun,

How long did the sun

Come up and go down

Before God’s face frowned…

For the choosing His people had done?

Yet they were clothed by His own hand—-

Let the reader understand—

Through the first sacrifice…

Very necessary, not nice,

While awaiting return to a Promised Land.

In the Beginning words

Were mostly nouns and verbs…

With little need of enhancement

Or intellectual advancement,

Speech was God-breathed, like simple proverbs.

As much as I enjoy

The langauge down here employed…

To God we speak straight

Not to hide or frustrate,

For He will not be coyed.

How long before disobedience

Did our progenitors stay by convenience

In that Land of rare reknown

Where God alone was crowned…

Where Man became ingenious?

We think we had it made,

Thinking we should have stayed…

But now this too has passed,

The time runs out fast

But we are not dismayed.

God’s people are returning to Him

By faith, not knowledge-seeking whim…

Belief in Spirit moves

As righteousness behooves,

Unlike the Nephilim*.

God clothes us again

Through sacrifice of His son…

Christ we put on,

In His richness we come

To God’s side to be His people again.

—Jonathan Caswell

***Nephilim: Genesis 6:1-5


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