Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 20, 2012

Naughty Or Nice~by rldubour

Naughty Or Nice

What do you like naughty or nice?
If I answer this I might pay the price.
I like her naughty, that’s plain to see.
And I like her real nice as nice as can be.
She is a wonder I can’t figure out.
The naughty be nice if she was on the couch!
What can I say and keep this all clean?
The real naughty thoughts better keep to my dreams.
Those I can’t say on this black and white.
Have to behave or I’ll fear for my life!
I just can’t decide because I like her real nice.
And like her real naughty when off goes the lights!
What a dilemma I got myself in.
Whatever I say I know I won’t win.
I just had to ask what she wanted to hear.
Naughty or nice? With a grin ear to ear!
I feel like I’m walking on very thin ice.
Just going to say this, I like naughty and nice!


  1. very nice…and a little bit naughty…lol

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