Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 22, 2012



Watching a video pressed


The version with Finney

Who’s not very skinny,

But in my mind does the part best.

This film of nineteen seventy four

Of the three film versions has more…

Real train running scenes

For a railfan it means,

A much higher interest score.

Reworked in two thousand one,

Critics say it was not well done…

Reducing the plot,

Only three lines it got

In Wikipedia’s description done.

We saw the two thousand-ten,

With David Suchet as the “man”…

I agree with reviews

The plot was bad news,

Like the ’01, had plot diversion.

Suchet’s version went into morals,

Religious and anguish pictorials…

Painful for Poriot

And me to see the throe,

Sounding most like a “modern” editorial.

That believed-in morals may get in the way,

An inconvenience in this modern day…

Some think the difference slight

If all defer what’s “right”,

It’s an ugly end with an angry D. Suchet.

—Jonathan Caswell

(Movie poster of the 1974 version, courtesy Wikipedia)


  1. See that—I like my own work!

  2. and you should very well written!

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