Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 23, 2012




My wife is in constant pain

But she wants a ministry gained…

      A vision to choose

      Of how God will use

Her available soul for His Name.

Her eyesight isn’t the best,

After one surgery she must rest…

      Till the swelling in back

      Of the retina’s attacked,

She feels it’s an endurance test.


She wishes we work as one

To get this ministry done….

      ‘Though I sympathize

      And see through her eyes,

I’m not sure that’s how it should run.

She sang until she was grieved

By being asked to leave…

      Our church praise group,

      In one fell swoop

She lost her joy with no reprieve.

So now she’s mostly at home,

In her chair, often alone…

      When I’m not working

      I tend to be lurking,

Nearby—don’t want to leave her alone.

She does get regular calls

From her Aunt Myrtle, Saturday’s pause,

      For family news

      And loving reviews

Of the Faith they both hold in awe.

And then there is Deb, our friend,

Who brings much joy to attend…

      Weekly studies by phone

      When Diana’s alone,

And a visit with lunch now and then.

Recently Deb noticed a quirk…

I had no clothes other than for  work,

      The button-downs fit “Di”

      For which I’m too wide…

But the shorts fit just fine, said the clerk.

After this long, drawn-out poem,

We’re no nearer to her goals or how to know them…

      Will they come direct

      Or be something to accept,

Her holding pattern will not grow them.


—Jonathan Caswell




  1. sweet and sincere write excellent job

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