Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 24, 2012




A gentleman always can say,

“I like your hair done that way…”

Or, “that dress is nice,

“It adds spice

“In such a wonderful way.”

That blouse looks good on her,

In language she would prefer…

The fabric is bright

And fits her just right,

Perhaps now she is sexier.

But a gentleman wouldn’t say this,

Complimenting a Ms.* or Miss…

Or a Mrs.* sometimes,

Staying behind lines

Of socially acceptableness.

—Jonathan Caswell

NOTE:  *Ms. is pronounced “Mizz” and is a more recently acceptable title for those women who do not wish to be identified by their marital status.  *Mrs. is generally pronounced “Misses”  which denotes a married woman.  The term “Miss” is for an unmarried woman.   The older term, “Ma’am” is a contraction of the originally French words for “Madame”, a married lady, and Madamoiselle, the unmarried…the contracted form can refer to either respectfully.


  1. I always compliment the ladies they deserve it! Love to say ~ by the way you make that blouse look good! love this one

    • Myrt tells me that even saying something like…”that looks good on you” could be taken as harassment. Better to say that’s a nice dress, or that hat is marvelous! This gentleman stands corrected.

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