Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | July 25, 2012




I hear you’re going to the beach,

Plan eating lots of fried…

Food and treats, a lot of each,

To swim and be sun-dried.

You say you’ll take extra insulin

With you to ensure…

For the extra treats that you eat,

The blood sugar levels won’t soar.

And yet they will and a sliding scale

Won’t always save the day…

Jacking sugars up and forcing them down

Will damage in an insidious way.

Take me, I’ve done it off and on,

For years and now I pay…

Some parts do not work very well

And my sight is going away!

The leveler blood sugar remains,

The longer and healthier you’ll stay…

Jerking up and down just makes things worse

By the hidden cost that YOU WILL PAY!

My concern for you is real and good

As we are friends at work…

Don’t twist your body into knots anymore

Don’t lightly with this danger,  flirt.


—Jonathan Caswell





  1. I hear of too many people with diabetes and most of them do not watch their levels and they should. Good message to get out

    • If only I had been less stubborn…but holding the line now may still slow down some things, even if some damage has already started.

      • just watch what you eat and do what the doctor says

  2. Have gotten a number of positive comments at work on this one—just not any from the young person I was aiming at! ‘Tho’ I did add my own adurements to her copy!

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