Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | August 1, 2012




He spotted a profile this morning,

Soft and luscious and young…

If he had a camera with him,

A picture or two he’d have sprung.

She walked away after a greeting

For his cam’ra he almost ran back…

He stood rooted there for a moment,

His self-control threatening to crack.

Then he went on with his business

As she had gone on with hers…

There were other days to watch that profile,

A consequence that he prefers.

The next time he saw her, exhaustion was key,

To a different point of view…

She came to inspect the apartment he’s in

And improvements to make—quite a few.

So to cheer up himself he pictured the cat

With its head resting on a brick…

Asleep in the windowsill folding its paws,

A cute little feline trick.

Took a photo of Wife and she of him,

Together they used up more film…

Not wasting it on young things that go away

But exploring his personal realm.


—Jonathan Caswell



  1. this one made me smile with thoughts good write

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