Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | August 4, 2012



The weather map looks not so well,

Western New York in a snow swell…

Forecasters may cringe

And color a tinge

But New England could use some, as well!

The trees and some plants are in flower,

Seemedly more open every hour…

All they need is a sprinkle

Of snow to make ’em twinkle

Underneath a light covering of spring “flour”.

The layers on most people are less,

As the warming temperatures would suggest…

A sensory overload

Greets us minus the cold,

A spot of fire kindled in the breast.

Even us “old married folk” must watch

The op’ning of spring flowers ere so posh…

To see we don’t respond

Enthusiatically, beyond

The borders of our self-restricted nosh.

The glories of a springtime day are here,

At home we’re seeing many more deer…

Man’s hunting time is o’er

So nature can restore,

The balance of the living things we cheer!

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. my favorite seasons are fall and summer enjoyed the write

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