Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 4, 2012

The Campfire Glows~by rldubour


The Campfire Glows

Deep in the forest a campfire glows.
There sits two people of romance it shows.
The touch of their hands, the tenderly kiss.
Of love they have plans with the touch of the lips.
The stars how they twinkle the moon is so bright.
The wind with its whispers they’ll make love tonight.
The campfire burns like the love that’s inside.
Hot shimmering coals that are too late to hide.
Two lovers lie there in passionate ways.
As they hold on so tight till the sun brings the day.

Deep in the forest a campfire glows.
There lie two people of romance it shows.
Of burning desires they both feel inside.
Of burning fires they can no longer hide.
The love that they share is beyond all ones reach.
The fulfillment of love is what they do seek.
To feel as a whole and make two as one.
To always be close and never be done.
The romance brings love and the campfire glows.
The love of two people that only they know.

R.L. DuBour



  1. As long as they are of age…elemental “goodness” here! Excellent job Oh to be young again.

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