Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | August 7, 2012




He got a Christmas bonus

Which would have bought warm coats…

But added to his onus

By sowing his wild oats.

His wife was angry with him

For blowing the whole bolt…

The money he thought all his

Could have kept them afloat.

They could have paid down sev’ral debts

And made an honest try…

To save a lump for future needs,

By putting some aside.

This man by analogy

Claimed he was meeting fam’ly need…

But on the side had buddies paid

For helping him to lead.

He blew our bolt and now wants more

To do just as he will…

He’ll say whatever he has to say,

As long as we foot the bill!

—J. Caswell


  1. this work reminds me of some people I know very good write

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