Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 12, 2012

THE WEDDING RING~by rldubour



About forty-eight hundred years ago
Wedding bands were cast from a mold
From the same metal at the same time
Made out of steel not silver or gold.

Made this way to insure one thing
To show the bond two people did share.
That the two rings were actually one
With the rings worn as part of a pair.

A timeless design is the circle
The greatest gift two lovers can give.
Devoted to an undying love
Two hearts as one as long as they live.

Research takes us back to Egypt,
To Pyramids, Pharaohs and Kings
In the ancient records there you’ll find
Reference to wedding rings.

Almost five thousand years ago
Today is still a strong tradition
To symbolize a lasting commitment
To show fidelity and recognition.

Must be worn on a certain finger
Many theories how this did start
The Egyptians and Romans believed
The fourth finger’s vein led straight to the heart.



  1. i loved this and I never knew the reason behind the wedding ring nor the reason for wearing on the fourth finger. Thank you for enlightening me. x

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